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At $333, Millionaire Bryan Johnson Offers Anti-Ageing ‘Basics’ for a 90-Day Trial

Radha Iyer

Bryan Johnson Unveils His $16 Longevity Diet to Help Him Live Up to 200 Years

Just like the quest for the elixir of youth, millionaire Bryan Johnson had set forth to devise an ultimate routine to look younger. Amidst many skeptical-sounding or over-the-top techniques, the CEO of Kernel structured an ideal ‘Blueprint’ that led its followers on the path to anti-aging.

But with increasing public demand, Johnson finally tweaked the plan to include just the bare essentials that still provided optimum benefits. He called this new routine his ‘Basics’ and recently announced its launch. The plan includes multiple elements in the bundle and is currently available only to a certain set of people.

The millionaire took to X (formerly Twitter) to explain the entire structure of ‘Basics’ and how it would work. Johnson and his team designed a 90-day trial for the plan, complete with all the essentials necessary to provide elite levels of nutrition in only 410 calories.

He advised the potential users to keep their daily routine unchanged, except substituting about 400 calories from their diet for the meal plan. The total ‘Basics’ plan includes drink mixes, supplements, a meal, and oil, which amounts to $333.



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“With this basic stack, we are competing for the most nutritious food program in history. It is designed for adults of all ages and genders. We’re already cost-competitive with fast food.”

Apart from this, Johnson also mentions the requirement for measuring one’s biomarkers. Since this is mostly self-experimental, he offers three plans ranging from $0 to $1600. When participants register themselves, they can choose a biomarker measuring plan suitable to their needs.

“The objective is to quantify changes in certain biomarkers when a large group of us regularly consume Blueprint basics for 90 days.”

Currently, the program is only open to 2500 people. Once they’re selected, they can interact in an official Discord community to contribute further to the research. Johnson plans to eventually transform the ‘Blueprint’ plan to be a single source of food. The CEO seems quite hyped about the entire scheme and expects sincere participation.

Bryan Johnson has been on an evolutionary journey

Since anti-aging has always been one of his goals, Johnson has collaborated with many fitness icons to educate the masses on his goals. Having invested more than $2 million in his anti-aging procedures, the millionaire has gained quite a reputation for his whacky routines.

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He shot to fame when news outlets began reporting his daily routine, which consisted of about two dozen supplements, odd meals, and even injecting his son’s plasma cells in his face. Nevertheless, Johnson rose from the noise and went about his regular day. Now that he has a successful plan to share with the masses, it will be interesting to see how the average person deals with a glimpse of the millionaire’s life.

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