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Dr. Melissa Sonners Recommends ‘5 Phases of Self Synchronization’ Using Self Care Tools to Enhance Overall Health on Gary Brecka’s Podcast

Rahul Goutam Hoom

Dr. Melissa Sonners Recommends ‘5 Phases of Self Synchronization’ Using Self Care Tools to Enhance Overall Health on Gary Brecka’s Podcast

The work of Dr. Melissa Sonners has improved the outlook of many. In a recent episode of their YouTube podcast ‘The Ultimate Human with Gary Brecka’, she and Gary Brecka talk about her five stages of self-synchronization. If an individual follows Sonners’ advice, they should feel less stressed and have more fun in their lives.

Dr. Melissa brings up the fact that, despite everyone’s hectic schedules, nobody has much alone time. Those moments, nevertheless, are crucial since they provide several opportunities to enhance one’s mental and physical health.

Sonners suggests reading a book instead of picking up the phone to sift through dopamine hits. The reason is that, according to her, people become dependent on dopamine, and using a phone regularly, even in one’s free time, provides a steady dose of dopamine. This hit may have pleasant effects in the short term but will have negative effects in the long run.

Another factor Dr. Melissa Sonners brings up is the 31-day challenge, which she has planned for her clients. She sends an email to her clients every day and asks for 20 minutes of their time as part of this challenge. Attached to the email are the instructions for the challenge. She also advises her clients to take it easy at first, since it could appear challenging, as she mentions:

“Just sit and let the stuff come, and it’s going to be uncomfortable but we’re doing it together and it’s okay.”

She stresses to her clients the importance and need to keep a journal to have a clear picture of their mental health. This writing is a component of the challenge; it may be an interesting poem or just a word vomit that they want to express.

Gary Brecka also shows his interest, as he wants to know the next step in this journey. Here, however, she comes forward with her “5 phases of self-synchronization,” which she teaches her clients. Sonners explains:

“I needed to get in my chamber, I needed to decrease inflammation in my brain, I needed to run some labs, I needed to take some supplements, I couldn’t even think straight. Then I could pivot into these self-care tools.”

According to Sonners, one’s mental and physical well-being may be improved promptly by addressing all these elements. Gary Brecka also agrees with her in this aspect. He elaborates by saying that when individuals let their emotional buckets fill up, they neglect their own health.

Dr. Melissa Sonners further explains the self-care element

Gary Brecka discusses the tendency for individuals to focus on the good parts of their relationships. But he also notes that it’s easy to lose sight of who you are and your mental health status while going through this process. When it comes to managing one’s health, Dr. Melissa Sonners concurs with Brecka. Nonetheless, when it comes to managing one’s health, everyone has a unique viewpoint.

This is important to Sonners as she enjoys caring for and engaging with her children. Furthermore, for Sonners, this is her comfort zone, because it makes her feel calm and keeps her in an uplifting mood, as being around kids provides a positive vibe.

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