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Gary Brecka and Dr. Daryl Gioffre Unveil the Concerning Reasons Behind Mineral Deficiency in Humans

Radha Iyer

Gary Brecka and Dr. Daryl Gioffre Unveil the Concerning Reasons Behind Mineral Deficiency in Humans

Gary Brecka has championed organic produce for quite some time and often talks about including non-GMO and unprocessed foods in one’s diet. He recently teamed up with Dr. Daryl Gioffre, a gut health and inflammation expert, to analyze some concerns surrounding mineral content in daily foods.

Dr. Gioffre’s study often focuses on the pH of the blood, maintaining an unprocessed nutrition plan, and steering clear of the “crap” American diet. He specializes in curating alkaline/acid diets and recently even wrote a book on the same subject. ​

One of the subjects Dr. Gioffre was fixated upon was the lack of minerals in the average American’s diet. The hour-long podcast with Brecka contained a variety of conversation topics, ranging from causes of acid reflux, mineral density of vegetables, and overall gut health.

Minerals such as magnesium help keep the pH of the blood balanced by neutralizing the acidity in the body. As Dr. Gioffre put it creatively, it was important for them to “mop up the scene” after excess acid wreaked havoc in the form of inflammation and toxicity. But if the individual did not supply enough of them to the body through food, it resorted to other methods.

“The body will take calcium… magnesium from your bones, the muscles take bicarbonate from your mouth, your body is so innately intelligent, it’ll let your body and bones fall apart to keep your pH tightly regulated and stable…”

The problem with nutrition in the US is that the American diet is choked full of processed foods that barely carry any nutrients needed. Dr. Gioffre raised this concern and revealed that it has ultimately led to people having an “auto-intoxication” process due to their gut holding on to waste.

“We’re literally choking on our own fumes!”

The solution to this is what he calls a ‘strength-eating’ diet. This includes lots of leafy greens, plant-based keto fats, moderate amounts of protein, fiber, and slow-burning carbohydrates. Together, they provide the body with the necessary nourishment to help cut out the acidity and balance the pH.

Gary Brecka once revealed the downsides of genetically modified produce

Essential slow-burning carbs could do wonders for the body, by providing it the necessary fuel for sustenance. However, Gary Brecka once highlighted the significant difference between consuming clean carbs versus highly processed, bleached, and chemically enriched sources of carbs like white flour, pasta, etc.

Food must provide nutrients and not steal from the consumer. Brecka stood by this saying while recommending fuel sources like sweet potato, berries, non-enriched white rice, etc. Prolonged consumption of processed foods could result in long-term negative emotional state and reduced energy.

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