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Icebox: Riot Games reveal a new map for Valorant

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Icebox: Riot Games reveal a new map for Valorant

Riot Games releases a new Artic Map called as Icebox. The map with a ship is drawing comparisons from the scrapped Split map.

From earlier this month the game studio is teasing fans with strange graphics on Valorant’s social media. Valorant Act III is coming soon and players were under the assumption that they would get a new agent or weapons. However, players were a bit surprised with the release of a new map.

The new map Icebox –

The setting of the new map is in the Artic Tundra. With the trailer coming with a graphic asking players to take on the Tundra. Parallels will also be drawn to the scrapped map Split.

Albeit this is because Icebox contains a commercial ship. The reveal of Split had garnered a very positive response from the community because of the Tundra setting. Naturally Icebox will also be much loved by players.

The demands of the community: new maps and agents –

Ever since the release of Valorant the only maps available to play are Haven, Bind, Split and Ascent.  Apart from the agents from the start the two additions are Reyna and Killjoy.

With so few maps available it can easily lead to saturation. The addition of a new map will bring a much need freshness to the game and players both. The competitive community is also outspoken in their demands for a new map.

With Act III coming fast the release of a new map will bring variety to the game. Players will be playing the map as they would look to understand it better.

This will prove to be a much improved gaming and viewing experience for pros and players alike. To watch the trailer and map reveal players can click here or go to Valorant’s social media and YouTube channels.

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