Cover Image for  “It’s just not likely.”: Jurgen Klopp All But Rules Out Liverpool Signing A Defender This Window

 “It’s just not likely.”: Jurgen Klopp All But Rules Out Liverpool Signing A Defender This Window

Gautam Kapoor
|Thu Jan 07 2021

The Liverpool manager’s latest comments have all but asserted that it looks extremely unlikely for the club to indulge in a new signing this winter window.

Despite having three of his regular CBs at the moment, it is impending looking like Jurgen Klopp is going to be left empty handed by FSG. Linked to a multitude of names to compensate for the injury blows dealt to Virgil van Dijk, Joel Matip and Joe Gomez, it looks like Liverpool will end up without a new name for now. Speaking ahead of his side’s upcoming outing in the FA Cup, Klopp cited the Coronavirus pandemic to all but quash news of the club looking to rope in a new defender.

Liverpool January Transfer Window

“I can’t say definitely we won’t be bringing in but it’s just not likely,” he said.

“If world was in a normal place everything would be fine and with 3 CBs injured would we do something, yes definitely. But we are not in that situation.”

“I don’t know if something will happen or not. It would be a short-term solution and that is not right, it doesn’t help really. So we deal like we have so far.

“Not the best moment for the whole planet so why would it be for a football club?”

While the comments are set to have left Liverpool supporters crestfallen, it remains to be seen if Liverpool will actually do no business. With the club hectically involved in the title battle this season and a makeshift defence collapsing off late, FSG can be easily persuaded to open their strings.

The club despite working on a tight budget in the summer had ended up indulging in the services of Diogo Jota, Konstantinos Tsimikas and Thiago Alacantra.

Also, with Liverpool waning in form with the club currently winless in its last three matches in the league, the club could end up offering Klopp with the money he needs to paper over the cracks

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