Cover Image for Chelsea Close Academy’s Training Facility After Outbreak Of Coronavirus Positive Cases

Chelsea Close Academy’s Training Facility After Outbreak Of Coronavirus Positive Cases

Gautam Kapoor
|Mon Jan 11 2021

Chelsea Close Academy’s Training Facility After Outbreak Of Coronavirus Positive Cases: Chelsea’s young players have been to veer clear of the ground for the impending future

There’s just no halting the virulent spread of COVID in the Premier League at the moment. Whilst almost every club has been massively affected by the pandemic, London based sides have come under immense brunt owing to the new strain of Coronavirus found in the city.

And its reached Chelsea as well with the London based club becoming the latest side to be run to the ground by the pandemic. The club confirmed on Monday that it had decided to shut the doors of its academy training centre with a barrage of young players testing positive for the disease.

Chelsea Close Academy’s Training Facility 

Simon Johnson of the Athletic has gone onto confirm the number of tests returning positive with 20 players said to have been affected by the disease. The club has subsequently decided to conduct a deep clean of its facilities across the course of the week with the building slated to remain shut till next week.

Chelsea’s academy players and members of the team will all be now subjected to further rounds of testing to ascertain that there are no more positive cases. All players have in the meantime being asked to not report for training.

The latest development means Chelsea U18 encounters with West Ham and Brighton will both be postponed.

The positive tested cases will be required to undergo a 10 day isolation period. All the U23 players who partook in Chelsea’s FA Cup practice sessions have reported negative results.

With Chelsea forming entirely different bubbles for their men, women and young squads, the outbreak amongst the starlets is set to remain refrained to that unit only. Frank Lampard had previously spoken about the nitty gritties the club had adopted to mitigate the disease.

He said speaking last week: “Our medical team has been fantastic, over and beyond what the Premier League are laying down, we test, we take people out and we don’t take any risks with anybody. I think that’s only right.

“The country’s in lockdown for a reason. While football’s going on it means there’s a lot of mixing going on. So it’s not the norm and we have to be ultra-careful.

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