Cover Image for Tyler Herro’s girlfriend Katya Elise Henry slammed on Twitter for posting anti-vax content on her Instagram: “We can’t be expected to take the COVID-19 vaccine”

Tyler Herro’s girlfriend Katya Elise Henry slammed on Twitter for posting anti-vax content on her Instagram: “We can’t be expected to take the COVID-19 vaccine”

Samir Mehdi
|Sun Apr 11 2021

Katya Elise Henry takes to her Instagram to say that she will not be taking the COVID-19 vaccine as she is doubtful about its safety. 

When news of the very first lockdown broke out, back in March of 2020, many believed the pandemic would be dealt with in a couple months, as people were clamoring for the virus to not affect their summer plans.

However, fast-forward 13 months from when we experienced our first lockdown, and COVID cases have hit an all-time high in countries like India, while the US is still dealing with COVID running rampant in Los Angeles and New York. 

A glimmer of hope for this pandemic to end would be the existence of a vaccine. COVID vaccines production began as soon as there was word of this virus.

Millions and millions of people have been vaccinated across the globe, and it stands to be everybody’s civil duty to get themselves vaccinated to protect everybody else around them. 

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Tyler Herro’s girlfriend Katya Elise Henry would say otherwise. He took to her Instagram story to let her 8+ million followers know that she will not be ‘indulging’ in the vaccine any time soon. 

Katya Elise Henry says she will not take the COVID-19 vaccine 

Tyler Herro is going to lose a lot of brownie points if his girlfriend continues to spread mass hysteria and essentially, false information about the COVID-19 vaccine. 

“No vaccine for HIV after 40 years of research. No vaccine for the common cold. No vaccine for cancer after 100 years of research. Nothing. A virus mysteriously appears and within a year, a vaccine is created and we are all expected to take it. No thanks.” 

This of course, did not sit well with the general public who seem to be much more educated than Katya on this subject. 

Were Katya Elise Henry’s examples of diseases valid in this scenario?

If Katya Elise Henry were to put an ounce of effort into researching the things she said on her story, perhaps her take would not have been received as horribly as it was.

As that Twitter user said, seasonal flu shots exist, and work, when it comes to dealing with col-like symptoms. The common cold is also caused by over 300 variants of viruses so finding a vaccine for them all would obviously take time and money. 

Perhaps the most ignorant thing she said was that cancer does not have a vaccine for its cure yet. Cancer is a mass of cells that have mutated within someone, causing them to replicate at an abnormal rate.

Cancer is not a virus. Many people forget that a vaccine is not medicine. A vaccine contains an inactivated version of the virus, to help our body build up an immunity towards that virus.

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The COVID-19 vaccine has been tested countless amounts of times and it has been proven that it is effective. The FDA themselves called for ‘emergency use’ of the vaccine back in February.

People who have a platform as big as Katya Elise Henry need to do more research when talking about something as important as getting vaccinated against a dangerous virus. 

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