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John Cena and ShahRukh Khan engage in a hilarious Twitter battle

Gokul Nair

John Cena’s Indian connection has risen another level, as he engaged in a witty twitter banter with none other than “King Khan”.

John Cena posted an article on TEDx  talks where Shah Rukh Khan recently made an appearance, he added that he was glad that he stumbled upon it.

To that, Shah Rukh Khan responded by thanking the 16 time World Champion and also added that he would love to “see” him if given the chance and wished him all his love and health.

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This is of course, a sly dig on Cena’s famous catchphrase “You Can’t See Me” which has been revolutionized in the WWE for several years.

To end the banter, Cena concluded by saying that he wishes the same for the Shah Rukh as well and said that he wishes to attain Shah Rukh’s perspective on things and ended with a witty comment of wishing to be visible as well.

The hilarious banter would have brought a smile on everyone’s face and the pleasure of greats from different fields interacting is always a joy to behold.

Cena continues to glue towards India in some way or the other through social media having already posting a picture of Virat Kohli and an inspirational quote by Rahul Dravid on his Instagram account.

Cena is expected to appear for the Christmas edition of RAW where he is rumoured to answer Roman Reigns’ open challenge.

What are your thoughts about this hilarious exchange between these two greats? Send us your thoughts through the comments section.

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