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JUST IN: Barcelona Testing could be extended due to weather conditions

Utkarsh Bhatla

The Barcelona Testing is well and truly underway, with the first race only 27 days away, and while fans are ecstatic to see the new cars being tested out in Barcelona, all is not well.

The weather conditions are playing spoil sport, with the drivers not getting the exact feel of a race weekend wherein temperatures are much higher than what they are at present.

Toro Rosso in fact had to cut their test time down because of the ‘icy’ weather conditions.

The weather forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday isn’t great either, with temperatures slated to fall even further on Tuesday and ‘sleet’ expected on Wednesday. Testing is scheduled on Wednesday.

Teams are now looking to extend the testing, taking the entire Friday for testing, as temperatures are slated to get normal by then.

However, Williams’ prior commitment is the major issue that could prevent testing from being extended into the weekend.

“There’s been some discussions going on but one team’s got a filming day booked so it probably won’t move,” Nick Chester said.

“It would need the team that’s having the filming day to agree to cancel, so if they don’t cancel it’s moot.” he added.

Not all teams are up for the extension though as it would incur extra costs for them. Only a unanimous agreement between all teams can cause the testing to be extended, else the teams will have to brave the ‘cool’ conditions and get their drivers to get acclimitised to the car in conditions that in all probability will not be present during the race days.

Hopefully the weather clears out or the teams agree to extend the testing, as fans wouldn’t want to miss out on in even a second of race driving.

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