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“Knowing Kevin Durant, you’d have to talk him out of playing”: Team USA forward Draymond Green shares he had no doubt about KD’s availability for the Olympics

Raahib Singh

"Knowing Kevin Durant, you'd have to talk him out of playing": Team USA forward Draymond Green shares he had no doubt about KD's availability for the Olympics

Team USA Forward Draymond Green talks about Kevin Durant and how he knew KD would be playing in Tokyo, even before he announced it

Kevin Durant and Draymond Green have known each other quite well. After dueling it out for years as opponents, KD and Draymond were teammates for three years. During those three years, they got to the Finals each year and won the championship twice. Even though Durant is now on a different team, they still are quite close to each other.

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Kevin Durant just made his comeback from a right Achilles injury. He played less than half the games in the already shortened season. However, during the playoffs, he showed us he is back for good. Durant had some magnificent performances during the short playoffs run by the Nets. After the Nets’ season ended, many were sure that KD won’t take part in the Olympics, considering his return from an injury as severe as the Achilles.

Draymond Green on Kevin Durant: “I had no doubts”

During their time with the Warriors, both Draymond Green and Kevin Durant had created multiple rumors. There were rumors that Draymond recruited KD, then there were rumors of bad blood. However, before KD moved on to the Nets, the two had made sure everything was alright amidst them.

In a recent interview, Draymond talked about how he had no doubts about Kevin Durant joining Team USA for the Tokyo Olympics.

“I had no doubt in my mind that he was playing. I’m sure everyone tried to talk him out of it. Coming off an Achilles injury, all of the minutes played in the playoffs, had some injuries throughout the playoffs. What I knew, in knowing Kevin, you were going to talk him out of playing as opposed to talking him into playing. He just love hoopin’, that’s what he lives for,”

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It would be interesting to see the two play together again. Whenever they were on the court together for the Warriors, they achieved top defensive efficiency and the offense was boosted as well. Let’s hope they can formulate the same results for Team USA as well.

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