Leicester City’s Dennis Praet produces pass of the season contender in the FA Cup

Archie Blade
|Published January 25, 2020

Leicester City’s Dennis Praet produces pass of the season contender in the FA Cup during their 1-0 victory over Brentford.

Like most people expected, Leicester City progressed to the 5th round of the FA Cup after beating Brentford away. However, the hosts were extremely dangerous on the day and the result could have swung either way if not for Dennis Praet from the midfield.

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Early on in the match, the Belgian stabbed one of the most beautiful through balls to James Justin on the right wing. Justin excellently collected the exquisite pass that had gone past the entire Brentford left flank before brilliantly sending the ball into the box for Kelechi Iheanacho to smash into the net.

Watch: Leicester City’s Dennis Praet produces pass of the season contender in the FA Cup

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The fans lapped up the pass and some even compared Dennis Praet to Trent Alexander-Arnold and Kevin De Bruyne.

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Both the sides made 9 changes each for this match, taking some sheen off the contest. However, in the end, the promotion changing side, performed just as well. Well enough to force Brendan Rodgers to introduce James Maddison in the 2nd half.

Leicester looked far from the side looking for a Champions league spot next season. However, that was down to the spirit displayed by Brentford, who could have very well taken the game to a replay but missed out by the width of the post.

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