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What did Lionel Messi tell the referees following the ghost goal?

Aakash Sivasubramaniam

Barcelona went down 1-0 at the Mestalla, which prompt the fans into thinking that it might be the first loss of the season for the Catalan side.

However, as things stood at the final whistle, Barcelona was level on terms with Valencia after left-back Jordi Alba struck a sweet volley in the 82nd minute of the game.

Before the goal, Barcelona was looking down and out in the game before Messi decided to weave his magic. The No.10 dropped an inch-perfect cross only for Alba to strike it across the goal.

A point to each side:

The game ended with both Valencia and Barcelona settling for a point each. However, the match should have ended 2-1 for the away side as Messi’s powerful shot was parried into the goal by Valencia’s goalkeeper Neto.

While the fans at the stadium observed that the ball crossed the line, the referee and the linesman did not give the goal to the away side as play continued.

A jubilant Messi ran across the pitch to celebrate alongside strike partner Luis Suarez only to realise that the goal was never given. Barcelona’s players were furious at the decision and gave a mouthful to the referee.

Parejo’s statement on the goal:

“Messi’s goal was clear. It was a clear goal, truth has to be told. Referees make mistakes,” said Dani Parejo, who is also Valencia’s skipper.

According to Mundo Deportivo, new footage has now emerged of Messi reacting to his ghost goal being disallowed. The news daily revealed that they knew what the Argentinian had said to the linesman following the decision.

Watch the video below:

What did Messi say to the linesman?

According to Mundo, Messi told them both after the game: “You’re wrong, now you’re going to see it,” to which the linesman replied: “It is not clear.”

The referee then added: “As I’m not sure, it’s not a goal.”

It would be a case for the addition of VAR (video assistant referee) in Spain, and the authorities would make it a priority following the poor performance from the linesman.

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