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Luke Shaw criticized by fans for playing video games more than football for Manchester United

Tanish Chachra
|Wed Jan 22 2020

Luke Shaw slammed by fans for spending more time on the video games than appearing for Manchester United because of poor fitness.

Manchester United fans are already furious against Luke Shaw who has appeared only 14 times this season across all competitions, meanwhile, he has hardly been consistent in previous seasons.

The English defender has often been on the sidelines due to injuries and been mocked for his poor fitness. Fans even question the wages club pay for him as he is the highest paying left-back in the world.

Now, the anger of fans has peaked once again after a twitter user revealed the presence of Shaw in the virtual gaming, which seems to be much more than what he has been spending on Manchester United’s matches.

The Twitter user believes they have found the Xbox account that is linked to Shaw and done some digging into the profile’s playing time. In the screenshots posted online, the ‘Roasty’ Gamertag has put in a whopping 74,800 minutes on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered from November 2016 to September 2019.

And the account has also logged 18,780 minutes on Epic Games’ fan-favourite Fortnite, which was initially released in 2017. Then the investigative twitter user compared his time spent on gaming to playing for Manchester United.

According to the fan, the England international has managed to play 9,389 minutes for United in that period. The Twitter user also accused Shaw of paying other people to play on his behalf so that he could allegedly boost in his standings in competitive leaderboards/tournaments.

Mike backed up his claim that the account belongs to the former Southampton star by showing his Gamertag in a 2013 video with YouTuber Tobiias.

After this revelation, angry Manchester United fans took on twitter to slam their player. However, there were few players who defended Shaw and advocated that he has a life outside and can live according to his wish.

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