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Marat Safin: “Nadal is more impressive than Federer”

Mahalakshmi Murali

Russia’s two-time Grand Slam champion, Marat Safin, made a remark by saying that Rafael Nadal is more inspiring and a magnificent tennis player than Roger Federer and believes that the accomplishments of the 16-time Grand Slam champion’s outweigh the achievements of the Swiss legend.

He regards Nadal as a perseverant tennis player and true wrestler who fights at every instant his career, whereas Federer is enriched with natural skills and dexterity.

“Nadal is more impressive than Federer. Roger had everything to have success, while Nadal is a real worker and fighter. For Federer, everything is easier, even if it seems that for Nadal tennis is an easy thing. Next year Nadal and Federer will always be in the spotlight, while I don’t see Djokovic coming back (at a high level), for him it will be difficult.Murray will have ups and downs, but if Nadal and Federer don’t get hurt, he will not be able to do anything.”

Djokovic was impelled to pull himself out from this year’s Wimbledon and the rest of the tennis season as well due to his elbow injury. And under his absence, the Fedal duo excelled in the 2017 tennis season by splitting up the four Grand Slams equally among themselves. Also, the Spaniard concluded the year as Word Number one.

Safin feels that the top ten spots of the ATP ranking have been occupied by the same tennis professionals since the year 2009, he believes that the professionals in their thirties would be replaced by the budding tennis stars who are swift with their agility and speed.

As the Russian shares, “Alexander Zverev has so much potential, but he is still too young. In a year or two, he will be a different player. You still see yourself as a junior, but he is no longer a junior, he has to believe in himself and keep working.Today’s tennis is more physical and fast. Players have less time to think and it’s a good thing.”


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