Marquinhos reveals he was suffering from diarrhea while marking Lionel Messi in the Copa America Semis

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|Published 06/07/2019

Marquinhos reveals he was suffering from diarrhea while marking Lionel Messi in the Copa America Semis between Brazil and Argentina.

Not a lot of teams go into a match against Lionel Messi and come out with clean sheets. However, the Brazil defenders did just that despite the Argentine’s inspired performance against them in the Copa America Semi-finals. Messi was at his best and made for a very complicated night for the Brazilians. The Seleção stood their ground though and came out on top.

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One man who played a pivotal role in the match was Marquinhos. The Centre Back was tasked with marking the mercurial Messi. With Messi failing to score in the match, it is safe to say that Marquinhos succeeded that night. However, in an astonishing revelation, he has now admitted that he managed to hold his own against the Argentina Skipper while suffering from Diarrhoea!

According to Esporte, Marquinhos said:

“It was not easy, no. He (Messi) was on an inspired night, not only him as the Argentine team, they made a great game. It was very difficult, but I think the selection managed to cancel well the attacks of Argentina. The ones we could not have had some lucky chances with balls on the beam and Alisson managed to get some balls. That makes a strong and solid team. “

He then opened up on his illness

“On the day of the game, I ended up taking a virose , and I spent the day at the hotel, very complicated, quite diarrhea and vomiting, I still managed to play a little, but when it started to tighten the situation, with the effort it got worse, game, ” “After the game ended up getting worse too, I had a fever, and I ended up having to go to the infirmary of the stadium, but I managed to take serum in the vein and I’m better .”

Fortunately, the Brazilian defender did not do a Gary Lineker.

The English striker had famously emptied his bowels in a match against Ireland. A man has to go when a man has to go. It doesn’t matter if it’s a world cup match. Luckily for Marquinhos though, both him and Brazil ended the match with a clean sheet.

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