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Massimiliano Allegri Replacement: Who will become new manager of Juventus

Tanish Chachra
|Fri May 17 2019

Massimiliano Allegri replacement: who will become new manager of Juventus as Allegri has decided to leave the club.

Juventus manger Massimiliano Allegri is set to leave Juventus after five years of service to the Italian club. During his tenure, he gave five succesive Serie A title, two coppa Italia and two Champions league finals to the club.

However, various sources are reporting that Allegri has now decided to part-ways with the Turin based club.

Although, Last week Allegri said he was “amused” at rumours suggesting he would leave Juventus, Serie A champions for the past eight seasons.

Thus, his sudden departure is shocking and could have been made due to lack of Champions league titles in his accolades with Juventus.

Now, we will see at the three probable candidates, who can potentially replace the Italian at Juventus from the following season.

List of probables

1. Antonio Conte

Antonio Conte can return to Juventus after five years

The ex-Juventus manager is the favourite to replace Allegri, as he is very familiar with the club. Moreover, he also massively contributed in Juventus’ Italian domination. Antonio Conte held preliminary negotiations with Juventus last month, in case they decided to part with Allegri, but it was also reported that the former Chelsea boss has come close to agreeing a deal to become the new manager of Inter Milan. Although, the future advancements are yet to be seen.

2. Jose Mourinho

The Portuguese genius is a favourite to be in Turin next season

Presently, the Portuguese manger has no allegiance with any top club and works as a football pundit. His tactical genius and glorious records makes him a viable option for Juventus. Moreover, his game-plan can compliment defensive attributes of Juventus. Thus, he is also one of the favourites to take the Juventus job.

3. Pep Guardiola

Will Pep Guardiola take a new challenge abroad?

Pep Guardiola is a man, who seeks new challenges and determines to conquer them. However, one challenge he is yet to achieve is to win a Serie A title. Thus, Juventus is one destination, where he will get adequate resources to achieve the highest prize of Italy. Moreover, according a report, Cristiano Ronaldo also displayed his desire to play under the Spanish manger. Although, in comparison to others, Pep Guardiola is least likely to join the Italian club this summer.

What’s next?

On the other hand, Allegri and club president Andrea Agnelli are set to speak at a news conference on Saturday. Allegri will be managing Italian Champions in the last two matches of the league before he leaves the club.

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