Maxi Lopez: Wanda Nara’s former partner breaks silence on Mauro Icardi situation

Rishabh Gupta
|Published February 23, 2019

Maxi Lopez has broken his silence on Mauro Icardi situation at Inter Milan – and even launched an attack on the forward.

The Mauro Icardi saga has grown increasingly controversial over the past few weeks. Things turned rather ugly this month as stones were thrown at Icardi’s wife-cum-agent, Wanda Nara.

Maxi Lopez is a familiar name for those who follow Mauro Icardi closely. The Argentinian footballer is the ex-partner of Wanda Nara, with the model cheating on him with Mauro Icardi.

Lopez has finally broken his silence on the situation surrounding Icardi. While he urged Icardi to part ways with Wanda, he also launched an attack on the Inter Milan forward for not allowing him to speak to his son.

Talking to Fernando Niembro in Argentina, Maxi Lopez said, “I decided to no longer have any contact with Icardi.

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“Yesterday was my youngest son’s birthday, I called him and when he was about to answer, he closed the phone, I told him he would understand the weight of this gesture in the future.”

He further suggested that Icardi should sack his agent if he wants to come back to the level he once was.

“Mauro has collapsed in terms of performance for weeks and it is not a coincidence,” Lopez stated.

“Wanda Nara has a wrong tone, often logorrheic, the managers will be fed up with her. At Icardi’s level, players must be assisted by class prosecutors.”

In another interview with Radio La 990, Lopez revealed that Wanda Nara insisted on becoming his agent as well, during the time the duo was together.

“Good agents make the difference because they know how to read moments like these. They know when to press, when to speak, when to keep quiet.

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“I believe that a player of his quality [Mauro Icardi] must be represented by a person who befits his quality.

“Wanda offered to become my agent too but no, I never had her as an agent. I wanted to preserve my family, I wanted harmony and I wanted to separate the two.”

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