Mick Schumacher in line for Ferrari test

Amogh Patnaik
|Published January 14, 2019

Michael Schumacher, arguably the greatest driver to grace the sport, won five of his seven titles in Scuderia scarlet, establishing his and Ferrari’s name in the history books.

His son, young Mick Schumacher, has navigated through his junior career without affiliation to any of F1’s giants as he has been able to finance his own path. In December 2018, the European Formula champion signed a deal with Ferrari to join their junior driver programme, much to the chagrin of Mercedes, his fellow suitors.

And now, a month later, according to Motorsport Italy, Mick Schumacher could do the in-season drivers testing for Ferrari.

According to Motorsport, a deal taking Schumacher under the Ferrari umbrella is only awaiting the 19-year-old’s signature, but it is unclear if it will be completed in time for him to take part in pre-season testing for the Scuderia.

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Instead, it is likely that he will play a role in Formula 1’s mid-season tests, which mandate that teams must run a driver who has a maximum of two grand prix starts.

Amid reports of a potential deal with Toro Rosso, Schumacher will instead take a smaller step up to Formula 2 in 2019, remaining with the Prema team that he sealed title success with last year.

The teenager has taken a measured approach in his career so far, and experience with the Scuderia can only be seen as another stepping stone on his way to establishing a career in Formula One.

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