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Most hilarious run-out in cricket: Watch batsmen create havoc while running between wickets; video will leave you in splits

Dixit Bhargav

Most hilarious run-out in cricket: Watch batsmen create havoc while running between wickets; video will leave you in splits

Most hilarious run-out in cricket: A video of a massive miscommunication in between the wickets has gone viral on the internet.

We all have seen numerous cases of batsmen misjudging a run in cricket. The same ends up in a case of drastic miscommunication in between the batsmen. In the general run of things, the outcome of such a case sees a batsman walking back to the pavilion courtesy a run-out.

While such instances are comparatively rare in international, they can mostly be seen in domestic or club-level cricket. A similar video was uploaded on the official Twitter handle of ‘The Cricket Paper’. It is worth mentioning that the video has gone viral since then.

The video sees a left-hand batsman’s unsuccessful attempt of pulling the ball against a right-arm fast bowler. With the ball going towards the right of the wicket-keeper, both the batsman and the non-striker show interest in sneaking a single.

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Just as the wicket-keeper dives and under-arms the ball to the stumps at the striker’s end, the convolution start to happen. Both the batsmen are seen running up and down the wicket without really looking at each other or trying to make a call.

It is at this time that that fielder from cover (presumably) collects the ball, runs to the non-striker’s end and dislodges the stumps. With the batsman at the same busy in running in a confused state, he ends up losing his wicket.

Most hilarious run-out in cricket:

How Twitter reacted:

Since the match seems to be of a club level, names of the players and teams remain unknown.

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Dixit Bhargav

Dixit Bhargav


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