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Chase Elliott and Golf: Is the NASCAR Driver a Golf Player?

Gowtham Ramalingam

Chase Elliott and Golf: Is the NASCAR Driver a Golf Player?

Starting his professional racing career at the age of 15,  Chase Elliott is one of the top guns at Hendrick Motorsports today. While his affinity for speed is well known, he has a strong passion for golf which not many people know about. On the occasion of the Master’s Week, a video of him speaking to Dale Earnhardt Jr. about the same has resurfaced on the internet.

“I love playing golf,” he said in an episode of “Dale Jr. Download”. “I’ve been semi-serious for five years and probably gotten pretty serious in the last year and a half. I enjoy it. I am still not very good but I do enjoy playing a lot.” He revealed that his interest in the game began when he was still a driver for JR Motorsports in the Xfinity Series and has grown since.

Dale Jr. continued to note how he had never tried his hand at golf and was afraid to do so. He asked Elliott about the journey in the sport thus far to which the HMS star replied that the only way to get better was to put more time in. He said that the process he went through was a frustrating one in which he never seemed to be getting better.

Regardless of the slow progress, Elliott’s reason for continuing to play the sport is his need for relaxation. He continued, “I just enjoy being outside on those nice weather days. Like, if the weather is good in the morning and I can adjust my schedule to go do that, I totally would and I would just work late.”

Chase Elliott continues failing to hit the bullseye in the 2024 Cup Series season

After a dismal season in 2023, Elliott’s struggle to find the victory lane has extended past the initial 8 races of the ongoing season. While his recent results do present a huge upgrade when compared to earlier results, he is yet to grab that much-awaited victory. He finished 5th in Richmond and 3rd in Martinsville. The latter result was a crucial one as he helped form Hendrick Motorsports’ fourth 1-2-3 finish in Cup Series history.

His next race will be on Sunday at the Texas Motor Speedway. Though he hasn’t won a race on the 1.5-mile speedway yet, he holds 7 top ten finishes on it. The hopes between him and crew chief Alan Gustafson will be to break the bad spell at the earliest and head into the rest of the season from a more confident standpoint.

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Gowtham Ramalingam

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