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“Definitely One of the Things on the Table” – Jeffrey Earnhardt Doesn’t Rule Out Racing for Dale Earnhardt Jr. Next Year

Srijan Mandal

“Definitely One of the Things on the Table” – Jeffrey Earnhardt Doesn’t Rule Out Racing for Dale Earnhardt Jr. Next Year

There have been rumblings surrounding the possibility of having Xfinity Series driver, Jeffry Earnhardt coming down to race with Dale Earnhardt Jr’s racing team, come next year. Although there haven’t been any official confirmations regarding the matter.

Having said that, while recently speaking to the media, the Xfinity Series driver spoke about the situation with his JR Motorsports possibility. During the ensuing conversation, he mentioned that he looked forward to such a thing happening. But he also mentioned that one thing that decides everything in the world of motorsports in general; money.

Jeffrey Earnhardt might just race for Dale Jr. next year

Speaking to Dalton Hopkins of FrontStretch, Earnhardt stated, “It’s like anything it’s about money. You gotta have the funding. I’ve been blessed to have the partners I have… We got Erie Sports Center on the car this weekend. Just been very blessed for the partners I have.”

“But you know, it’s a big expense, and trying to find all the money to put all that together is the biggest factor to it. So, you know, we’ll see, you know, where it ends up. Obviously, you know, it’d be a pretty, pretty cool opportunity to get to go drive for, drive for him and, to be in a competitive car like that every weekend would be pretty, be pretty fun.”

He added, “But yeah, there’s a, it’s that time of the year everyone’s talking. It’s, it’ll be interesting to see where everything ends up. But you know, that’s, that’s definitely one of the things on the table for sure.”

Who is Jeffrey Earnhardt and how is he related to Dale Earnhardt Jr.?

Jeffrey Earnhardt is an Xfinity Series driver who races for the Alpha Prime Racing team. Interestingly, he happens to be the nephew of JR Motorsports team co-owner and Hall of Famer Dale Earnhardt Jr. More specifically, he is the son of Dale Earnhardt Sr’s eldest son, Kerry Earnhardt. Who also happens to be the half-brother of Earnhardt Jr.

Furthermore, Jeffrey is a 4th generation racing driver coming out of one of NASCAR’s most popular and successful racing families – The Earnhardt’s.

Meanwhile, looking back at having Jeffrey at JR Motorsports, the team would have an empty seat next year. This is because of Josh Berry moving into SHR in the Cup Series, there is a solid chance for Earnhardt to make it into the roster for next year. But again, there is no motorsport that functions without a boatload of sponsor money, so that is exactly what Earnhardt would have to work for at the moment to make this dream a reality.

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