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Erik Jones Relationship History: Details About NASCAR Driver’s Marriage and Kids

Gowtham Ramalingam

Erik Jones Health Update: NASCAR driver's health update after horror crash

Legacy Motor Club driver Erik Jones is currently recovering from a compression fracture that he suffered in Talladega a few days back. As the 27-year-old undergoes treatment to climb back into his #43 Toyota Camry XSE at the earliest, supporting him will be his wife, Holly Shelton. Jones and Shelton dated each other since 2018 and got married last year in Michigan.

Shelton is a former midget and sprint car racer. In a 2019 interview with reporter Jeff Gluck, Jones mentioned her as someone whom he was really happy with. He said, It’s been nice to have her around, to have someone that kind of understands the racing world and what goes on. If you have a bad day, they know how to handle that because she’s been in that situation and it makes things a little bit easier.”

The couple’s engagement just before the Christmas of 2022 made quite the rounds on social media. They chose to have their marriage right during the 2023 Cup Series season and not wait till the offseason. As a result, they got hitched right in the middle of a race week. Jones tied the knot on a Wednesday and proceeded to finish in 10th place on Sunday at the Michigan International Speedway.

While Jones and Shelton do not have any kids yet, their dog, Oscar, is a part of the family. The 85-pound German Shepherd was involved in their marriage ceremony as well. “He was just down the aisle as a co-best man,” Jones told NBC. “We had him up front for the whole ceremony. Came back down the aisle with us. He did a great job. He’s pretty good at being ready to go for the camera.”

The painful loss that Erik Jones underwent at the young age of 20

Jones went through the worst phase of his life back in 2016 after losing his father, Dave. Aged 53, his old man passed away after a tough battle with cancer. Just 20 at the time, the youngster braved through the storm and came out stronger.He was really my best friend,” he said to Jeff Gluck. “I didn’t have anybody I felt closer with or felt like I could share more with at any time.”

Dave was a big part of his son’s career despite not having a racing background. He managed all the finances so that Erik could focus on his driving skills and not worry about the other stuff. Before he passed away, Dave got to see his son on the NASCAR victory lane multiple times. Though Erik suffered a lot after the loss, he bounced back to compete at the highest level of motorsports just as his old man always dreamt. In a tale of beautiful fate, he also found the perfect companion in Shelton.

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