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$1 billion worth LeBron James makes half of what Elon Musk makes per minute of Lakers games

Ashish Priyadarshi
|Thu Aug 11 2022

LeBron James and Elon Musk are both billionaires, but they earn vastly different amounts of money per minute when comparing their revenues.

The Lakers star is in the twilight of his career, but his play hasn’t eroded at all. Los Angeles absolutely underperformed last season. They made the bold move to bring in Russell Westbrook from the Washington Wizards last offseason, but the move absolutely blew up in their faces.

The roster was never built to take advantage of Westbrook’s best traits, and he had perhaps his worst statistical season of his career. Everything he did on the court was viewed under a microscope.

Whether it was roster issues or coaching, the Westbrook fit was always off. To make matters worse, Anthony Davis was injured for a large part of the season.

LeBron James for his part did everything he could. He almost led the league in scoring, and he had an MVP caliber season. He perhaps would have even won had the Lakers not done so poor.

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LeBron James and Elon Musk earn vastly different amounts of money per minute

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, Space X, and recently the purchaser of Twitter, is the richest man in the world. He has a net worth of $255.7 billion, almost $100 billion clear of second place Bernard Arnault & family.

We can compare how much both these people earn by doing some simple math. For LeBron, we can take his 2023 salary, divide it by the number of games, 82, and then divide that by 48, the number of minutes per game.

Per Spotrac, his 2023 salary is $44,474,988. Doing the math, that comes out to about $11,300 per minute of game time. That’s a staggering amount when you look at it alone like that.

However, when comparing it to the richest man in the world, it’s not much. Elon Musk reportedly earns $22,500 a minute per PolicyAdvice.

That’s a massive difference. You also have to consider that you’re only taking into account the fact that LeBron is earning that much during game times. Elon Musk is earning this much about 365 days a year. After all, he’s the richest man in the world for a reason.

LeBron became sport’s newest billionaire this year, and he’s taken great strides to get there outside his NBA contracts. He invests wisely, stars in movies, and of course, has his shoe line with Nike. He may not touch Musk’s heights, but for what he’s done as an athlete, he’s shattered expectations. He’s the only NBA player to cross the billion mark while still playing.

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