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$160 million worth Chris Paul was forsaken at 34, unlike Finals MVP Stephen Curry

Tonoy Sengupta
|Sat Aug 13 2022

NBA Redditor brings up massive fact about a certain comparison between Stephen Curry and Chris Paul

Stephen Curry and Chris Paul are very different players. Heck, their only real similarities may be that they both play the point guard position, and were considered undersized, coming into the NBA.

One more similarity is that both of them aren’t exactly young guns anymore. With Steph already being 34 years old, and CP3 being a more advanced 37, they don’t have too many years left in them. If we had to compare their ages to what was thought to be the approximate retirement age of the average NBA player, they are already well beyond that.

And yet, here they are.

Curry won his first ever Finals MVP during the most recent NBA Finals. And while Paul may not have a ring yet, he is closest to winning one now than he has ever been.

Though the thing is, with Steph, we’ve always known that this man is going to play at a high level until he is well into his late 30s, perhaps even 40s. Really, that has never been in doubt.

For Chris Paul, however, the story was very different at a certain point in his career, as an NBA Redditor expertly points out.

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The NBA looked at Chris Paul very differently at 34 years of age, compared to how Stephen Curry is seen

At 34 years old, Chris Paul was with the Houston Rockets, competing alongside James Harden to win an NBA title. But of course, Stephen Curry and the superteam Warriors stood strong as a massive roadblock, one that they just couldn’t cross.

Adding this onto the fact that CP3 kept getting injured, and well, you got a certain narrative.

Explaining it perfectly, here is what Reddit user ‘Wild-Watch’ had to say on the topic.

“Steph Curry is currently older than Chris Paul was when Houston traded him away due to age & injury concerns

This absolutely floored me when I thought about it. Curry, right now, is thought of as a guy who’s not too old, and still in his prime, with many years left in his career, while CP3 was thought of as an old, past his prime efficient ex-superstar in 2019 who could still “help out” a contender.”

Given the all-time great that he is, we couldn’t be happier Chris Paul has successfully proved the world wrong.

Now to just get that ring that has eluded him for so long.

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