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26 Years After Collabing with Ice Cube On $16,000,000 Project, Shaquille O’Neal Shares The Rapper’s Incredible Feel For Lyrics

Nandjee Ranjan

26 Years After Collabing with Ice Cube On $16,000,000 Project, Shaquille O'Neal Shares The Rapper's Incredible Feel For Lyrics

There will come a future time when simply labeling Shaquille O’Neal as a former basketball player will not suffice. Ever since he stepped into the public eye, he has ventured into a multitude of endeavors. Throughout the 90s, Shaq was involved in various fields, including basketball, music, and movies, leaving no stone unturned. One notable collaboration occurred in 1997 when he joined forces with Ice Cube for the movie “Steel.” Both stars came together not only for the film but also for a song in it, despite the movie having a substantial budget of $16,000,000. Recently, Shaq shared an Instagram story featuring Cube, who reminisced about writing his verse back in the day.

In 1997, “Steel” was released with Shaq in the lead role. Despite his immense popularity in the US, particularly in Los Angeles, the movie failed to perform well at the box office, only grossing $1,700,000 against its significant budget. When the film hit theaters, it faced harsh criticism, particularly directed at Shaq’s acting abilities. Part of the reason for the movie’s shortcomings was due to O’Neal’s commitments to the US Olympic team and the Los Angeles Lakers, leaving the director with very limited time to film scenes with him.

Shaquille O’Neal shares video of his friend Ice Cube speaking on Air composition

In the video posted by Shaq, Cube was seen sitting alongside rapper and actor Mac Ross. The talented singer passionately discussed his Air composition method, where he intricately crafts songs using a melodic approach rather than modern techniques. Ice recalled the early days when songwriting involved not only creating the lyrics but also crafting the perfect beat to complement the song.

I wrote my biggest songs to Air. Before we even had the beat. I wrote Boyz-N-The-Hood to Air. The beat was not made. Now, they give you a beat. Back then you wrote the song. And then you created a beat that fit the song.”

The star rapper and the four-time NBA champion have maintained a deep and enduring connection over the years. Their close bond can be attributed, in part, to Cube’s passion for basketball. Back in 2017, the hip-hop artist co-founded the Big3 League, a three-on-three basketball league, alongside entertainment executive Jeff Kwatinetz.

Comprising 12 teams featuring former NBA players and international talent, the league has become a major success. Given the unbreakable bond between the two friends, it’s quite possible that we may witness future collaborations between Shaq and Ice.

From basketball and music to DJing, Shaq has done everything

With the magic of his fingers, a skilled DJ has the power to revitalize a lackluster party. Visualize Shaq taking charge as the DJ, armed with years of expertise in bass music and his towering physique. The atmosphere becomes truly extraordinary. Once known as Superman, Shaq, The Big Shamrock, The Big Aristotle, and many more, O’Neal now adopts a fresh moniker, DJ Diesel.

O’Neal, who was active in the 1990s, released multiple studio rap albums during that period. Over the course of five years, from 1993 to 1998, he launched a total of four albums. However, his career took a turn, and he is now more focused on DJing in recent times. Notably, his debut album “Shaq Diesel” earned him platinum certification from RIAA.

In his current role as a DJ, Shaq has demonstrated his generous and supportive nature. He initiated a unique platform where he encourages musicians to send him their music via email. If he likes their work, he offers them the opportunity to play at his sets. Through this initiative, he has provided a platform for numerous unknown artists, helping them gain exposure and recognition.

Regardless of the field – be it business, basketball, or music – Shaquille O’Neal, often referred to as “Big Aristotle,” abides by a straightforward rule for success: extending a helping hand to others will lead to receiving support in return.

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