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5x Champion Kobe Bryant advised LeBron James to treat every practice like a game 7 so that he wins more

Achyuth Jayagopal
|Thu Sep 22 2022

LeBron James and Kobe Bryant know a thing or two about being successful in the NBA.

Bryant and James present two of the most successful high school to NBA careers in NBA history. Both players generated great hype from a young age and performed to if not beyond any expectation held on them.

The duo have a combined 9 NBA championships, 6 Finals MVPs, and 36 all-star appearances between them. Bryant and James combined with Team USA too and continued to rack up success in their basketball careers.

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Bryant and James enjoyed a cordial relationship. James’ decision to join the Lakers where Bryant is royalty further linked them in basketball lore.

Kobe and his “Mamba mentality” are often cited in basketball circles as the epitome of determination. Bryant was a gym rat who willed himself and his teammates to the finish line on multiple occasions.

Naturally, when asked what advice he would give to a younger LeBron James, Kobe’s response resonated on the importance of mentality.

What exactly was Kobe’s advice to LeBron?

With the two having considerably overlapping careers despite zero playoff encounters against each other, the duo often found themselves at the receiving end of questions regarding each other.

Kobe was once asked about what advice he has given LeBron if any. Bryant’s response signifies the one-track mind he held towards success and culture building in the NBA.

Bryant advised James to set the tone at team practices and games with his attitude and mentality. Kobe was often considered a superb leader while LeBron was someone who wasn’t as vocal or demonstrative. This, despite having been an excellent player who always made teammates better.

“Everything is a game seven. When you approach every game, every practice with that kind of mentality, it bleeds into the rest of the guys. It starts with the top” remarked Kobe when asked how LeBron could fare better.

LeBron continues to be a leader, however, way different from how Kobe would have done the job. James’ less vocal, more active mode of leadership seems to work too. Multiple deep playoff runs with sub-par rosters talk the talk for King James.

Two greats, two methods, both successful.

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