Cover Image for 6’10 Kevin Durant lashes out at ‘cheese butt’ heckle, almost starts a brawl over it

6’10 Kevin Durant lashes out at ‘cheese butt’ heckle, almost starts a brawl over it

Tonoy Sengupta
|Fri Aug 19 2022

When Kevin Durant had one heck of a moment with a certain fan that has us chuckling to this day

When it comes to basketball talent, we’re not sure even the great Michael Jordan and LeBron James can match quite what Kevin Durant has.

This man is 6’10” on a bad day, with a sweet, sweet jumper that he can rise up and shoot over any player and swish the ball cleanly through.

Not to mention his athleticism for his size is frankly off the charts, and yet no one talks about it. So really, this man is a threat from anywhere on the floor, on either end of the court.

When it comes to off a basketball floor though, the man is less than composed on more than most occasions.

His interactions with the media have been less than stellar for a couple of years now. And of course, his interactions with fans… well a lot of them go like this.


But, this isn’t even the weirdest interaction out there.

We have yet another in store for you here, that will have you laughing just from the pure weirdness from both the parties involved.

Let’s dive right into it, shall we?

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Kevin Durant almost fights with a fan for the weirdest insult of all time

When someone calls someone somebody else ‘cheese butt’ in a general sense, it probably, and rather justifiably, wouldn’t go down very well. But in a basketball sense well… how about you take a look at how it went down for Kevin Durant?


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KD isn’t wrong to be mad here by any means. At the end of the day, the way a person perceives any insult is up to them, and it’s something they can’t really be faulted for.

But still… trying to start a fight because of ‘cheese butt’?

Yeah, not the Durantula’s finest hour.

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