6’5″ Charles Barkley had a DUI arrest on New Year’s Eve in 2008 which changed the former Sixers star for good

Achyuth Jayagopal
|Published August 02, 2022

Charles Barkley is known for his goofiness on Inside the NBA these days.

Gone are the days when Barkley used to be remembered as a fiery power forward who terrorized league defenses. Today, the Chuckster leads a life of entertainment. The entertained being the NBA community.

Charles Barkley’s joining of TNT and in particular, Ernie Johnson‘s Inside the NBA crew, made him a celebrity post-retirement in the world of entertainment. The first ballot Hall of Famer became a delightful on-air presence and a fan favorite almost overnight.

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The Chuckster’s affection for drinking and gambling have been well recorded during his time as a host. Chuck has been a social drinker for years and has gambled consistently too.

In 2008, however, on New Year’s Eve, Chuck got arrested. The arrest was associated with an act of carelessness on Charles’ behalf, i.e. for driving under influence.

Subsequently, Chuckster made some changes in his lifestyle. Such changes were quite well publicized too.

What did Charles Barkley give up on post his NYE arrest?

Sir Charles made a major lifestyle change. This one act from his end could end up saving his own life while preserving some others too; he stopped drinking and driving.

The Chuckster did not stop drinking, that was too much of an ask. However, he did reportedly quit drinking and driving, which allegedly he did casually on a regular basis prior to the arrest.

Chuck also stated that he was off gambling for a while, during the same phase. That, however, was not a permanent restriction imposed on himself.

Charles has had struggles with the law before. The Chuckster has had various run-ins with the law and has lost a handsome sum in settlements and damages. Bar fights and assault feature on his rap sheet.

Driving under influence, however, must have been his most careless act yet. In what has now been over a decade, one hopes that his tendencies to drive under influence have been curbed. Arrest on NYE should do that much to a man.

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