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6’6″ Charles Barkley was almost stabbed until a 76ers teammate smashed a beer mug on the assailant

Jeet Pukhrambam
|Mon Jul 25 2022

Charles Barkley was notorious for getting into trouble but one time, he was on the receiving end until his 76ers teammate bailed him out. 

Charles Barkley was among the NBA’s most prolific rebounders. He was also insanely notorious for getting into trouble both on the court and off it.

The 90s were a time when the NBA had players getting into assualts, altercations, and fights. Barkley was often at the forefront of such instances.

During the late 90s, he was involved in a case where he threw a man through the window of a Florida restaurant. Talk about unchanneled anger. Before all this, he was almost stabbed.

In 1992, during one road game to Chicago, things took a turn for the worse. This time Barkley was at the receiving end of the assault.

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Charles Barkley almost gets stabbed in Chicago, his 76ers teammate uses a beer mug to save him!

As the story goes, Charles and teammate Jayson Williams hit the bar at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. Willams describes the night as eventful and here is the story in his own words.

We were in a bar in Chicago, and somebody tried to pull a knife out, somebody did pull a knife out on Charles Barkley when we were in the bar, and I hit him over the head with a mug. The guy got arrested and we went on from there… [we] shouldn’t have been there.

The guy was charged with aggravated assault and was later arrested. The assailant in question, was Chicago based sports writer Christopher Vincent.

But, here is where the story takes a turn, the charges were dropped after both Williams and Barkley failed to show up in court. What was the reason for the no show?

As per Vincent, the two assaulted him first and fabricated the story to get away with him. Vincent allegeds that Charles even paid off an eye-witness.

Four years later, an Illinois court reinstated the lawsuit, this time against Barkley and Williams. Eventually, Charles’ lawyers were smart enough and the charges were dropped.

Eventually, the relationship between Williams and Barkley soured, and they both had a public fall out.

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