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6’6″ Michael Jordan completely embarrassed himself in front of Larry Bird and the rest of the world

Nithin Joseph
|Sat Aug 13 2022

Michael Jordan excels at many things. However, three-point shooting isn’t one of them, just ask Larry Bird and Reggie Miller!

If there is one word that can be associated with Michael Jordan, it is the term ‘winner’. The Chicago Bulls legend is a serial winner and hates losing no matter what the competition.

Whether it’s an NBA Finals match-up between himself and Karl Malone or a friendly bet he placed with his own security. This 6’6″ Bulls legend hates losing period and will do everything in his power to avoid the same.

It was this win-at-all-costs attitude that propelled Jordan to greatness, making him a six-time NBA Champion, six-time Finals MVP, five-time MVP, and a 10-time NBA scoring champion!

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However, there have been situations where His Airness has lost in an embarrassing fashion. In fact, two greats, Larry Bird and Reggie Miller were there to witness one.

Michael Jordan embarrassingly bottled the 1990 All-Star three-point shooting contest in front of Larry Bird and Reggie Miller

The year 1990 was a special year in the career of Michael Jordan. It marked the final year of the Detroit Pistons roadblock that prevented the Bulls from achieving greatness.

However, this year is also remembered for other reasons as well. Especially considering that this was the season where Jordan participated in his first NBA All-Star three-point shooting contest.

In what turned out to be a sad affair, MJ only managed to score out of 25 shots. An embarrassing score, to say the least, a far cry from the performances of the other participants, which included Larry Bird and Reggie Miller!

It truly is a rarer occurrence. The NBA Hall of Famer so rarely finds himself on the losing side. It surely must have been a humbling experience.

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