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Jeanie Buss snubbed LeBron James, declared 6x Champ Michael Jordan as the GOAT

Advait Jajodia
|Sat Aug 13 2022

Jeanie Buss had no second thoughts before terming Michael Jordan as the “greatest of all-time” over her own franchise’s star player.

The GOAT debate has been a long-lasting topic that often turns into a heated argument with no solid conclusion. Throughout the course of the league, there have been numerous players who have a legit case to win this prestigious title. However, this debate has been majorly dominated by the likes of two legends – Michael Jordan and LeBron James.

While fans often laud MJ for being 6-0 in the championship, the incredible competitiveness he possesses, and an impressive skill-set, LBJ is commended for his longevity, stacked resume, versatility, and physicality.

Both these superstars are proven winners. With each of them having a ridiculously long list of achievements under their belt, – a combined 32 All-Star appearances, 28 All-NBA selections, 15 All-Defensive selections, 9 MVPs, 10 championships, and 10 Finals MVPs – it is pretty challenging to term one player better than the other.

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Despite it being a pretty tough task, Los Angeles Laker owner Jeanie Buss decided to select her pick for the ongoing argument… and it might come to you as a shock.

NBA Twitter reacts as Jeanie Buss selects Michael Jordan as the GOAT over LeBron James

Surprisingly, Buss snubbed LBJ, her own franchise’s superstar, and termed the 6-foot-6 Bulls legend as “the greatest of all-time”.

The developers of NBA 2K have introduced 15 “Jordan Challenges” in the upcoming NBA 2K23, where players can recreate some of MJ’s most iconic moments.

For the unveiling of the same, 2K got a few personalities to talk about the wrath of Jordan. In the video, Jeanie simply said:

“Michael Jordan is the greatest of all-time.”

As soon as this clip went viral on social media, NBA Twitter blew up with reactions.

Pretty bold of Buss to honestly give her opinion on this controversial debate.

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