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7 footer Rudy Gobert got Luka Doncic right back with a mean poster dunk on his dome

Tonoy Sengupta

7 footer Rudy Gobert got Luka Doncic right back with a mean poster dunk on his dome

Rudy Gobert may have gotten styled on by Luka Doncic, but he clearly got some licks in too

When it comes to the FIBA World Cup Qualifiers, both Luka Doncic and Rudy Gobert have been dominating in their own different ways.

For the Frenchman, it is all about his size and power.

Gobert has been an all-out bully, confidently shoving aside any other big man who dares step in his way, before promptly dunking it right on their head.

As a viewer you just find yourself uttering ‘why did he even try?’

As for the Slovenian wonderkid, there seems to be an almost Michael Jordan-esque glaze over his eyes. Like it’s the whole world’s fault that he succumbed to the Warriors in the Conference Finals. And to make things right, he’s going to make sure his skilled, old-man game embarrasses every pro basketball player on the planet.

Recently, these two players locked horns in a rather emphatic way, when Slovenia faced off against France. And during this game, Luka Doncic pulled this blasphemous shot off on Rudy Gobert.

Luka being Luka, this was the highlight that set the whole NBA community alight, and justifiably so.

However, this was a certain other highlight all this noise covered up. And let’s just say it’s one that Luka won’t want to look at twice.

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Rudy Gobert yams one right on top of Luka Doncic to create quite the emphatic highlight

What is it with big games and Luka Doncic?

Sure, the man is known to step up big time. But in those very same matches he ends up on the wrong side of a poster too.

Heck, this was how he was turned into a corpse in the Western Conference Finals by Andrew Wiggins.

And on lines that are very similar, here is how Rudy Gobert caught him lacking.

Luka Doncic, you are 6’7” while he is 7’1”.

Why did you jump?!

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Tonoy Sengupta


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