$75 million Patrick Ewing has more seasons as the highest paid player in the NBA than Micheal Jordan and LeBron James combined

Nithin Joseph
|Published 19/09/2022

Patrick Ewing was an exceptional NBA player. So much so, the Knicks made him the highest paid player in the league for six seasons! 

The 1985 NBA Draft is perhaps the most controversial draft in the history of the NBA. Simply because it was the draft where every lottery team was vying for Patrick Ewing.

Controversy surrounding Ewing came when many believed the draft was rigged for the Knicks to win. Especially seeing as then commisioner David Stern was a fan of the franchise since childhood.

The theories surrounding the pick were so crazy that some even suggested the envelope holding the Knicks’ names was frozen so that Stern could tell the difference. Nevertheless, Ewing had a heck of a career in New York, spending 15 seasons with the organization, averaging 23 points, 10 rebounds and 3 blocks during that time!

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He was such an important figure for the Knickerbockers, that they decided to make him the highest paid player in the league for six whole seasons.

Patrick Ewing was the highest paid player in the NBA for six seasons, more times than both Micheal Jordan and LeBron James combined

The Salary cap era in the NBA began back in the 1984-1985 season. The purpose of the cap was to provide a level playing field for all NBA teams and ensure competitiveness in he league.

The cap was introduced just a season prior to the drafting of one of the NBA’s greatest players, Patrick Ewing. The dominant center was drafted by the New York Knicks and has since amassed a $75 million net worth, reportedly.

However, despite the presence of the salary cap, the Knicks managed to keep hold of Ewing for 15 seasons. They even made him the highest paid player in the league for six of those seasons with him earning $18 million in 1995-96 being the first time in league history someone earned $15 million+ for a season. Those 6 seasons are more than what Michael Jordan and LeBron James have as the highest paid combined!

It’s amazing just how highly valued Ewing was, deserving every penny he got as a player. He certainly is a legend, even if he didn’t win a ring!

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