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Addressing Criticism Faced By Bronny James, Draymond Green Makes a Strong Case to Give LeBron James’ Son a Shot

Prateek Singh

Addressing Criticism Faced By Bronny James, Draymond Green Makes a Strong Case to Give LeBron James' Son a Shot

Bronny James‘ recent performance during the NBA Draft Combine has put him under the microscope. Many people from the media believe that the 19-year-old is league-ready. However, some are not willing to give the youngster a chance, even in the long run. On the recent episode of The Draymond Green Show, the Warriors star talked about the ongoing narrative about Bronny. Apart from admitting that he saw something special in the youngster, he also criticized some people who were throwing shade at him.

According to Green, just because Bronny won’t be ready immediately after the draft doesn’t mean he’ll never be ready. He just needs time to develop his game. The four-time NBA Champion believes that the majority of players who are drafted by the teams every year are fresh out of college and are not game-ready.

Green said, “I think Bronny has a very very solid guard in the NBA. He shoot the ball well, he defends well, [he’s] athletic, gonna be able to pick up if he’s a backup guard.” He said that a rookie point guard has little to no chance of being a starter for their team from the beginning. However, in Green’s opinion, if Bronny picks up the role of a backup guard, he will be a brilliant addition to any squad. The 34-year-old is in no mood to join the Bronny hate bandwagon.

He said, “50 of the 60 guys that you draft ain’t gonna be ready to play next year. So, the whole thing of trying to throw out there like, ‘He ain’t ready to play, he ain’t ready’, nah, who is ready now coming out of college? A few guys. So, let’s stop with that nonsense.”

Bronny seems to already be aware that he isn’t going to come into the league and break out immediately like his father did, and it looks like he has accepted that fact. When asked about players he wished to model his game around, the USC man replied with Derrick White, Jrue Holiday, and Davion Mitchell – all guards who had slow starts to their careers and made a name for themselves with their defensive plays.

Kevin Garnett backs Bronny James to get a chance in the league

The 19-year-old is getting a lot of media attention because of the legacy of his last name. Just like most hot topics, Bronny’s future in the NBA has divided the room. One side has people who think he is ready to get drafted, and the other has people who believe it’s all because of the last name. However, NBA veteran Kevin Garnett is on Green’s side about giving Bronny a chance.


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During a recent conversation with Paul Pierce on KG Certified, he said, “Bronny looks really good, P. He looks really good. He looks poised. He looks like he wasn’t rattled by everything that was going around.” The Big Ticket also vouched for the 19-year-old to be picked by a team in the upcoming draft. He said, “If I am a team, bro, I would actually take a chance on that because greatness runs through bro’s veins.”

Despite some of the negative reviews of his resume, Bronny has enough support from the media and the league, and his own fighting sprirt to make it in the NBA.

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