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Bronny James’ Draft Combine Excites Kevin Garnett, Brings up Kobe Bryant’s 1996 Draft

Prateek Singh

Bronny James’ Draft Combine Excites Kevin Garnett, Bring up Kobe Bryant’s 1996 Draft

The NBA Draft Combine put a spotlight on Bronny James which seems to have changed the perspective of many people on the youngster. The 19-year-old is being praised for his shooting skills and ability to handle pressure. After the Combine, several media members have heaped praise on him, and Kevin Garnett recently joined the group during a recent episode of KG Certified.

The NBA veteran, during his conversation with Paul Pierce, outlined the things that he saw in the youngster that made him compare Bronny to the late, great Kobe Bryant.

KG said, “Bronny looks really good, P. He looks really good. He looks poised. He looks like he wasn’t rattled by everything that was going around. He looked like he was used to the moment.” In KG’s assessment, the 19-year-old is ready to enter the big league and make a name for himself. The Big Ticket is even willing to make a public appeal on Bronny’s behalf regarding his chances in the NBA.


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He said, “If I am a team, bro, I would actually take a chance on that because greatness runs through bro’s veins.” The 15-time All-Star has got the greatness part right to the T because Bronny is the son of one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

KG also believes that he’ll only get better from here, especially after he hits a growth spurt and gains some experience in the league. The Celtics legend used Kobe Bryant as a reference to make his point.

He said that the Mamba was a scrawny-looking kid during the 1996 Draft, but he had all the qualities of a great basketball player. This is why the teams were interested in him and a few years after Kobe went to the Lakers, he became one of the greatest of all time.

If being LeBron’s son wasn’t enough pressure for young Bronny, now he also has the responsibility of turning out like Kobe. While Garnett seems like he’s getting a little carried away with his theory, several other media members and NBA stars are seeing great qualities in the 19-year-old after the NBA Combine.

Damian Lillard and Rachel Nichols show love to Bronny James

For the people who have known LeBron for a long time, either as fans or on a personal level, witnessing Bronny navigate through the NBA process is a surreal experience. Recently, Damian Lillard shared a clip of Bronny from the Combine on his Instagram story and showed love to him. Dame wrote, “This is actually crazy to see.”

Rachel Nichols, who said on the UNDISPUTED show that she has known Bronny since he was a kid, was pleased because the youngster is trying to break out from his father’s shadow.

She said, “I admire it. He wants to be his own person. I’ve known Bronny since he was a baby. It is kind of surreal to watch him be at this stage right now and to think there’s even a possibility of him playing with his dad. It’s so rare.”

It seems like we’re inching closer to the day when we will see LeBron and Bronny lace up for the same team. Even though it is LeBron’s dream, all fans will enjoy it just as much because we might never see something like this again.

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