“All Kevin Durant does is get tattoos and shoot 3s”: Nets’ star shuts down James Worthy and a Twitter user for commenting on his game

Raahib Singh
|Published 26/05/2022

Nets’ Kevin Durant shut down a Twitter user commenting on his game, talks about how his mid-range shooting is on fleek

The modern-day NBA is way different from what it was say 15-20 years ago. The heavy reliance on deep shooting has changed the game totally. Earlier, if players attempted 10 or more 3s by themselves, they would’ve been thrown to the bench or worse. However, Stephen Curry and the Warriors brought the change to the league.

Recently NBA legend James Worthy talked about the current day NBA, and expressed his displeasure with how the league is progressing. Worthy said, and I quote, “All they do is practice threes … get tattoos and tweet”

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A Twitter user found this as a chance to tag Kevin Durant and called him one of these players. This obviously didn’t sit right with the Durantula, who pounced back on Twitter.

“My middy is sharp, but these aren’t the old days!”: Kevin Durant

In his decorated career, Kevin Durant has made his reputation as one of the best scorers the league has ever seen. Standing at a staggering 6’10/6’11, Durant can shoot the ball from anywhere on the floor and score at will. He can drive to the hoop, shoot treys, and owns the mid-range as well.

KD didn’t like getting dragged out of nowhere but didn’t shy away from responding.

Durant isn’t wrong, his mid-range game is sharp. This season, he was one of the leaders in scoring from the mid-range, and he did it with high efficiency. Durant made around 4 FGs in the mid-range zone, shooting around 55.3% for the same.

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James Worthy is not wrong with his statement, but the NBA has sure evolved. While twos would always have their value, the 3 ball is the game changer in the league for sure. We saw the same in the Warriors-Mavs Game 4, as both teams shot the same number of FGs, but the Mavs made 10 extra 3s, winning the game by 10 points.

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