“Kevin Durant deserves 2nd team over LeBron James, the numbers say it all!”: Skip Bayless shuts down Shannon Sharpe over the two star’s All-NBA selections

Raahib Singh
|Published May 25, 2022

Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless debate the All-NBA selections of Kevin Durant and LeBron James on Undisputed

The NBA came out with a list last night that many people were eagerly waiting for. The All-NBA teams were announced before Game 4 between the Warriors and the Mavericks. The All-NBA selections were almost very predictable this year, and didn’t have many surprises.

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This list however ended up causing a big debate on the sets of Undisputed. Both Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless started arguing about the positioning of Kevin Durant and LeBron James on the same. Shannon believed LBJ should’ve been 2nd team over KD.

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Skip, as we all know it, would never root for the same.

Skip Bayless proved to Shannon Sharpe why Kevin Durant belongs on the 2nd team

This season, the Los Angeles Lakers had a 33-49 record. Despite LeBron James putting up 30-8-6 per night, the Lakers couldn’t find ways to win. While many would resort to pointing out the injuries, the Nets had their fair share of the same too. Despite injuries, the Brooklyn Nets had a 44-38 record and made it to the playoffs.

Kevin Durant almost averaged 30-7-6 too. By the numbers themselves, KD deserved a higher spot in the selections, as he’s gotten. Skip Bayless pointed out the same.

“The voters can’t vote a guy in LeBron off a 33-49 team that missed the Play-In any higher. You just can’t make a case for LeBron over Durant.”

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I guess the lists are just right as they are. However, if the NBA can find a way to get both Joel Embiid and Nikola Jokic together on the first team, that would’ve been ideal.

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