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Anthony Davis Jovially Ridicules LeBron James’ Hairline Problems by Taking Advantage of 7 Y/O’s Painting

Shubham Singh

Anthony Davis Jovially Ridicules LeBron James' Hairline Problems by Taking Advantage of 7 Y/O's Painting

LeBron James’ hairline has been ridiculed across the NBA fandom for many years now. Turns out, his teammates also don’t want to miss out on a chance to troll the King for the same. In a fun trivia video posted by the official handle of the LA Lakers, LeBron James and his teammates had to guess the Lakers player from a fan painting done by a seven-year-old. Gabe Vincent, Anthony Davis, Rui Hachimura, and LeBron James made entertaining comments while trying to discern who the player was in the painting.

However, Davis stole the show with a hilarious observation. Initially, despite long inspections, none of them were able to figure out who the painter was trying to portray. All they could figure was that it was someone with “dark skin”.

Then Gabe Vincent figured out that it was LeBron James because of the “wristbands”. Later, AD spotted the “white shooting sleeve” on the right hand and a “tattoo” positioning that resembled his superstar teammate’s tattoo. Hachimura incorrectly thought that the person in the painting was himself. Afterwards, like Vincent, Davis also guessed correctly that it was his 39-year-old teammate. Throughout the process, James had no clue that it was him in the painting.


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Meanwhile, AD gave his reasoning behind the answer, trolling his four-time NBA Champion teammate.  He’s [LeBron in the painting] kind of going bald right there. And I kind of see the resemblance. So that’s what really gave it away,” Davis observed jokingly.

When James was told that it was him in the painting, he admitted “losing hair” and wasn’t too impressed by the artistry. Meanwhile, AD called the painting by the seven-year-old Avrie “Picasso’s work”. The Brow isn’t the only one who has pulled LBJ’s leg on his hairline. Charles Barkley has been in on the fun for more than a decade.

Charles Barkley has never spared LeBron James’ hairline

In 2012 during an Inside the NBA halftime report, Charles Barkley engaged in multiple theatrics to make fun of LeBron James’ receding hairline. He wore a headband that encircled the middle of his scalp to demonstrate his point. He suggested to LeBron James, “It’s time to shave your head man”. Then he mocked the headband’s positioning again by claiming that in his initial years, the headband was in the middle of James’ forehead but has now shifted closer to the middle of the head. The Inside the NBA editing crew then had fun with the whole gag and photoshopped James’ hairline to the back of his head.

During the 2016 Eastern Conference First Round battle between the Detroit Pistons and Cleveland Cavaliers, Chuck once again had fun with James’ hairline. The Chuckster quipped how the then Cavaliers Forward realized that “he is going bald”. Then he wondered why he got “paint” on his head despite “all that money”. Thus, Barkley doesn’t miss out on a chance to mock the Lakers superstar’s hairline.

There has been a flurry of memes that troll LeBron James for his hairline. Recently, he has given up the headband but that hasn’t stopped people from having fun with his lack of hair.

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