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Anthony Edwards’ ‘Finger-Breaking’ Poster Draws Comparison to $13.93 Million Painting

Advait Jajodia

Anthony Edwards’ ‘Finger-Breaking’ Poster Draws Comparison to $13.93 Million Painting

Anthony Edwards has become a strong contender for this season’s Play of the Year with his latest dunk over John Collins. During the recent Minnesota Timberwolves-Utah Jazz contest, Edwards put Collins in a nasty poster that has left social media in a frenzy. As surprising as it may seem, the dunk has also received comparisons to an iconic 544-year-old painting.

As seen in the Bleacher Report post, Anthony Edwards received a pass from Nickeil Alexander-Walker as he charged to the rim. None for his athleticism and powerful slams, Edwards took off slightly ahead of the charity stripe and dunked all over John Collins. While pulling off arguably the most insane move of the season, Ant seemed to have dislocated his left finger.

A photo of Edwards starring at Collins, with Kyle Anderson standing in disbelief, has gone viral on social media. Popular X (formerly Twitter) user, ‘ArtButSports‘, compared the photo to an iconic painting from 1480 – The Resurrection, by Dieric Bouts.

According to Daily Art Magazine, the painting encapsulates the moment of Jesus rising from the tomb. Back in 1980, the Norton Simon Museum of Pasadena got its hands on the iconic painting by the Northern Renaissance. The California-based museum paid $3.7 million at the time, exceeding the estimated figure of $440,000, which was the previous bid by Britain’s National Gallery.

In today’s day, after adjusting the value for inflation, the amount paid for the Bouts’ work of art is worth a staggering $13.93 million.

Anthony Edwards dubs the play as the “best dunk of his career”

Due to the injury he sustained on his left finger while dunking over John Collins, Anthony Edwards was unable to react to the jaw-dropping play. However, during the on-court postgame interview, the 6ft 4” combo guard let his true feelings about the same be known.

Mandatory Credit: Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports

While talking to the reporter, Edwards claimed that it was the “best dunk of his career”.

“Ahh, little a** ni**a. Oh, my god. Hey, that’s the best dunk of my career I’m not gonna lie. I couldn’t even react cause I dislocated my finger. I couldn’t react, I wish I could,” Edwards exclaimed.

Anthony Edwards has provided fans with some exciting dunks over his four-year career. Dunks such as his poster over Yuta Watanabe of the Toronto Raptors, Tre Jones of the San Antonio Spurs, and Jaren Jackson Jr. of the Memphis Grizzlies were exceptional as well. However, this latest poster on John Collins might just have an edge over the others.

The Wolves nabbed the victory in the game, securing the second seed in the standings, with Ant leading the way putting up 28-7-8 at the end of it. In the absence of KAT, the Wolves seem to be holding up fine and looking like a strong contender going into the post-season. At this point, the team will just hope that the guard did not injure himself on that nasty play.

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