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“One of the Vince Carter’s of the NBA”: 3x NBA Champ Predicts ‘Lower Tier Superstar’ Anthony Edwards’ Future

Prateek Singh

"One of the Vince Carter's of the NBA": 3x NBA Champ Predicts 'Lower Tier Superstar' Anthony Edwards' Future

Anthony Edwards‘ poster dunk on John Collins has been the talk of the town for the past few days. Although there are plenty of conversations surrounding Ant-Man, be it him being one of the best young talents in the league, or his comparisons with Michael Jordan etc. that dunk against the Jazz has taken everyone by surprise. Recently, Danny Green talked about it on Inside the Green Room podcast.

Green said that he might start a campaign for the athletes who are getting “punched” in the face by Edwards. He clarified that Ant-Man is not literally punching players but the dunks he is making on them are nothing short of an actual punch in the face.

Only a few days ago, Green said that Edwards is a lower tier superstar, however, now, he is willing to put him next to the greats such as Vince Carter.

Green said, “I feel like every month, there’s a new career dunk for him. It was the best dunk of my career, throw it off the backboard, catch a body, catch another body…He’s gonna be one of the Vince Carter’s of the NBA.”

Clearly, Ant-Man is making an effect with his plays and is changing people’s perspective towards him in the process.

The three-time NBA champion said that even though the styles don’t match between Carter and Edwards, but they are just as effective and are capable of handing another player an embarrassment of a lifetime. Green said that at this pace, Ant-Man is destined to be one of the best dunkers in the history of the league.

The best dunk of Anthony Edwards’ career

While Green believes that Edwards is churning out these dunks every other month, the Wolves star is pretty content in acknowledging that the one on Collins was the best dunk of his career. In a clip uploaded by Chaz NBA on YouTube, Edwards can be seen watching his dunk and then giving a hilarious reaction to it. Ant-Man said, “Ay, that’s the best dunk of my career, I’m not gonna lie.”

Even though he seemed excited while watching the footage, his immediate reaction after the dunk was very different. That was due to the fact that as he finished his dunk over Collins, Edwards ended up dislocating his finger on the left hand. While he believes this one to be his best so far, if we consider the form that he is in, we might soon see the 22-year-old dunking on someone else that would surpass this one in quality.

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