“As a GM, I’d pick Stephen Curry over Kevin Durant”: Dwyane Wade talks about the Warriors superstar being a generational talent

Arjun Julka
|Published 19/11/2021

Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade picked Stephen Curry over Kevin Durant when asked which superstar of the two would he build a team around.

Recently, Dwyane Wade made a special appearance on the Dan Patrick show. The three-time champion and the veteran sportscaster spoke on various topics surrounding the league currently. However, Patrick put D-Wade in a spot during a segment on the show.

The former Finals MVP was asked who would he prefer building a team around Stephen Curry or Kevin Durant. Having played against both, Wade knew how great the two superstars were. After pausing for a couple of seconds, the former Heat guard chose Steph Curry.

Both Curry and Durant are currently neck-to-neck in the early MVP predictions for this season. While Curry is averaging 28.7 PPG, Durant is averaging 28.6 PPG. However, the Warriors have been the surprise package so far this season.

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Recently, Curry was paid the ultimate compliment by D-Wade, with the latter choosing the Warriors superstar over KD.

Dwyane Wade explains his decision to pick Stephen Curry over Kevin Durant.

Recently, the Dan Patrick Show had Dwyane Wade as its special guest. The two veterans in their respective fields touched upon various topics, including Wade’s early life, his career, and being a father.

However, Patrick put Flash in a difficult spot when he asked him to choose between Curry and Durant. Both the superstars are currently playing some of the best basketball of their careers. While the Warriors are the top seed in the league, Durant is carrying a depleted Nets roster.

The two former MVPs faced each other recently, with Curry making a statement at the Barclays Center. The Warriors superstar torched nine 3-pointers, while the Warriors defense restricted Durant to his lowest total of the season so far.

In what many believe, Curry’s performance at the Barclays Center made his MVP case stronger. Thus Wade was asked to pick between the two superstars. The former scoring champion found himself in a difficult spot and would say the following.

“I”m gonna go with Steph,” Wade told Dan Patrick after being asked whether he’d rather start a team with Curry or Durant. “I guess I went with Steph because Steph has kind of revolutionized the sport. He’s one of those Mount Rushmores from the sense of changing the game the way he has.”

(6:11 sec)

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Wade’s choice was seconded by Dan Patrick as well. Though it’s early into the season, one can always count on Curry to keep the audience entertained with his unfathomable long-range shooting.


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