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Becky Hammon Passionately Refutes Claims Of Caitlin Clark Being Hated On By Her Peers

Advait Jajodia

Becky Hammon Passionately Refutes Claims Of Caitlin Clark Being Hated On By Her Peers

It seems rather baffling that Caitlin Clark has been receiving a lot of hate from players around the WNBA. However, Becky Hammon and A’ja Wilson tried putting an end to this narrative. The Las Vegas Aces’ coach and star player did so by lauding the Indiana Fever rookie during an interaction with the reporters.

From an outsider’s perspective, the likes of JJ Redick and Charles Barkley are not wrong in claiming that individuals from the WNBA are hating on Caitlin Clark. Maybe the lack of preferential treatment towards Clark is fuelling such narratives. However, Becky Hammon tried budging in and busting the myth.

“We love Caitlin Clark,” Hammon told. “I think she’s amazing… We’re just doing our job. We’re gonna show up. Whoever’s on the other team is on the other team… I think this narrative of everybody hating on Caitlin Clark… Knock it off, it’s not there. So shut down the noise,” Hammon said.

Following a historic 2023-2024 college season, Clark was expected to make an instant impact in the WNBA. However, the sharpshooter going winless in her first five games has resulted in the naysayers criticizing her. Apart from putting an end to the hatred narrative, Becky also defended Clark from all these naysayers.

“By the way, what is she, 22? She’s a 22-year-old woman with a lot of pressure. She’s not perfect, she’s a rookie in this league. Back off,” Hammon concluded.

A’ja Wilson also gave her two cents on the topic. Like Hammon, she dismissed the idea of the WNBA hating on Clark. Further, the two-time MVP also sympathized with the rookie.

Several social media users believed that Becky Hammon and A’ja Wilson were trying to save face when defending Caitlin Clark. However, the former did acknowledge the impact Clark has had in the league – more eyeballs, chartered flights for teams, etc. Considering that Hammon seemed to appreciate Clark for these changes, it does appear that the Las Vegas Aces’ personnel are genuine in their comments.

Angel Reese took shots at Caitlin Clark in a now-deleted tweet

Caitlin Clark is largely responsible for the WNBA getting the attention of multiple sports enthusiasts all over the world. Her performance in the college basketball circuit has resulted in the WNBA gaining popularity, which has allowed the league to reward the teams.

Before the ongoing season, teams were flying commercial. However, this season, the league has announced the introduction of a chartering program.

“As the league previously announced, we would be phasing in the program at the start of the season and can share that beginning May 21 all teams will be flying charter to games,” the spokesperson said in a statement, per ESPN.

Despite the benefits that the players in the WNBA are getting due to the exposure, several individuals have expressed a certain hatred towards the rookie from Iowa. Angel Reese took direct shots at her competitor after the Chicago Sky grabbed a win, claiming the win came down to team effort as opposed to just one player.

All this vitriolic hate towards Clark seems to be just the beginning. With the Fever only just winning their first game this season (1-5 record), Clark has a lot to prove before the criticism toward her stops, but even then, analysts and their agendas could mean a never-ending stream of nitpicked hate toward the 22 y/o guard.

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