Billionaire Michael Jordan once blew $2.25 million on a Bugatti, with just 11 other such owners in the world

Arun Sharma
|Published June 29, 2022

Being a Billionaire brings you fast cars and expensive houses – Michael Jordan has one of the rarest cars of them all.

Imagine being able to buy any car you wanted – what would you buy? A Bentley? A Rolls Royce? A Ferrari? Michael Jordan got them all. You name it, and he’d probably have owned it, driven it, or sold it through his dealership. But if you said your dream car was a Bugatti, then things get a little more interesting.

Michael Jordan and Drake have not one, but two brands in common. They both work with Nike, and they both own a Bugatti. But where the difference between the “m”illionaire and the “b”illionaire is the rarity of the car itself. While Drake has a regular Veyron (regular here almost sounds blasphemous), Jordan has a Sang Noir.

Automotive enthusiasts will know what that means, and how rare it is. Limited to 12 production units all over the world, when it comes to rarified air, this one leads the pack. Powered by a quad-turbo 8 liter w16 engine, the bloated Beetle produces a whopping 1001 HP and 1250Nm of torque. That makes it good for a 0-62 time in 2.6 seconds ( a number that many modern cars struggle to reach).

Quite the exquisite number for a man with such qualifications, one must say. 2 million dollars for a car that can rip the asphalt from under its tires is rather stunning.

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Michael Jordan bought this car well after his retirement – goes to show that young cats need to delay gratification to get wealthy

Athletes tend to blow throw their money before it even comes in – they should learn from Michael. He did buy his cars and jewelry when he was playing, but it was not until he was well and truly retired, that he ventured into 6 figure cars. He made do with 200k Porsches (like that is a pittance!)

While he had his fun with a fair share of cars, the Sang Noir was a buy that made sense for him. “Black Blood” as it translates into English, the Bugatti line was inspired by the Type 57S Atlantique. When a car comes with such pedigree and class, Jordan definitely wants to have his hands on it.

With a stat like this: An average Bugatti owner has 83 other cars and three planes , Jordan understood his assignment. Not much is nown about the ownership of the car, since this is one of the details of his life he has kept “personal.”

It is a dream come true for many people to even own of of his cars, the Bugatti may never give anyone that pleasure. When you only have 12 cars in existence, would you sell it for 10 times what you paid for it?

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