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‘Bol Bol to be included in trade package for Jrue Holiday’: Pelicans star could join Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokic

Samir Mehdi
|Sun Nov 08 2020

Sources says Bol Bol needs to be included in any trade package for Jrue Holiday if he were to end up on the Denver Nuggets.

The Jrue Holiday sweepstakes have officially begun as of this past week. The New Orleans Pelicans have made their veteran star guard available for trade. With less than a week having gone by with Jrue being on the trade market, multiple teams have already inquired about acquiring him. Almost any team looking to raise their ceiling will be showing a level of interest in the 30 year old.

Every team ranging from the Dallas Mavericks to the Golden State Warriors have been placed in hypothetical trade talks with the Pelicans, about Jrue Holiday.

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Now, speculation about the Denver Nuggets’ interest in acquiring Holiday has been ripe with potential trade packages the Nuggets could offer up.

Bol Bol would have to be included in a trade for Jrue Holiday

Mike Singer of the Denver Post wrote about what the Nuggets could do when it comes to Holiday.

He wrote, “Any Holiday trade with Denver would need to include Gary Harris or Will Barton. Harris’ trade value is debatable due to his growing injury history. Barton has had 2 significant injuries in the past 2 seasons but he is productive when healthy.”

He continued on by writing, “The Nuggets would likely need to include two-way center Bol Bol.”

Gary Harris and Will Barton were included in this trade package to match Jrue’s salary. The real trade piece would be Bol Bol. Bol showed off his varied offensive skillset and defensive versatility in his limited minutes in the Bubble. He peaked many young teams’ interest such as the Pels and would match their timeline perfectly.

Should the Nuggets trade for Jrue Holiday?

The Nuggets earned the right to be placed in the conversation amongst the top teams in the leagues after making it to the WCF.

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Though they could not make it past the Lakers, acquiring a veteran guard who provides outstanding perimeter defense, along with respectable ball handling and IQ, might be enough to put the Nuggets over the edge.

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