Cover Image for Brian “The LeBron Whisperer” Windhorst’s $1.5 million worth is courtesy of the Lakers superstar landing him his first 3 jobs

Brian “The LeBron Whisperer” Windhorst’s $1.5 million worth is courtesy of the Lakers superstar landing him his first 3 jobs

Hemanth Amar
|Thu Aug 18 2022

LeBron James went to the same high school as Brian Windhorst, and the ESPN reporter got his first three jobs as a result of him.

started covering the Billionaire from his high-school days

Many people have been following LeBron James for many years. Many people, from fans to NBA reporters, have witnessed his development into one of the two best basketball players of all time.

Brian Windhorst, on the other hand, has probably followed him the longest of anyone. Windhorst is well-known among NBA fans for his analysis on ESPN. He and LeBron James, on the other hand, met before Windhorst joined ESPN. When James was still in high school, their paths crossed.

Brian Windhorst, obviously, hasn’t made as much of a name for himself as James has, but he has also become quite successful.

Furthermore, he has established a reputation as one of the league’s most knowledgeable insiders. When fans think of some of the league’s most knowledgeable reporters, they think of Adrian Wojnarowski, Shams Charania, Rachel Nichols, and Brian Windhorst.

Of course, because James is the face of the NBA, Windhorst has covered him throughout his ESPN career. However, he had already covered him well before that!

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Brian Windhorst and LeBron James both attended the same high school

Brian Windhorst was known as the “Lebron Whisperer” before he became well-known in the NBA media for his impressive career covering LeBron James. He attended the same high school as LeBron James (St. Vincent-St. Mary High School) but graduated seven years earlier.

In his first job, Windhorst covered LeBron’s early years at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School. Windhorst requested to cover more of James’ games, but his boss initially mistook Windhorst’s request for favoritism toward his old school.

However, James began to attract more attention, not just from Windhorst, but from everyone. He developed into a high school phenom, drawing comparisons to Michael Jordan. James then went straight to the NBA after graduating from high school, and the rest is history.

Windhorst joined the Akron Beacon Journal as a Cleveland Cavaliers beat reporter in 2003, the same year the Cavaliers drafted LeBron James, according to The New York Times. Windhorst then joined The Cleveland Plain Dealer in 2008 to cover the Cavaliers.

In free agency in 2010, James left the Cavaliers for the Miami Heat. Windhorst joined ESPN the following year. According to the New York Times, he went there partly because of his relationship with James.

Windhorst has witnessed many of James’ professional career’s ups and downs since then.

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