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“Bronny James, your dad would have dunked it left-handed”: $17M Skip Bayless slams LeBron James’ son

Akash Murty
|Tue Aug 16 2022

Skip Bayless has a massive LeBron James obsession but who knew the 70-year-old will even go after the Lakers superstar’s son?

NBA fans all across the world now know Skip Bayless more as a certified LeBron James hater than a veteran analyst who has worked as a top sports journalist on ESPN and is now one of the highest-paid “NBA experts” on the planet.

The current Fox Sports employee has made a career and a $17 million fortune out of critiquing the King every day since making it a mission for himself to prove the Lakers star is nowhere close to Michael Jordan in terms of greatness and has in fact ruined the game of basketball.

He has openly addressed the fact that he is obsessed with 4x NBA champ on The Skip Bayless Show. The 71-year-old countered the fans’ claim of him tweeting about 50,000 Tweets about Bron out of his 58.6K total Tweets, with the claim that his Dallas Cowboys topics have been the best-rated shows starring him.

But we all know how much time of his life he really gives to LBJ compared to that of the Cowboys. He is so obsessed with James that he can’t even let Bronny enjoy his youth in peace.

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Skip Bayless shamelessly goes after LeBron James’ 17-year-old, Bronny James, on Twitter

Being in the sports media, and especially at the top of it, there are certain lines that no one crosses when it involves the family of a star athlete even if the news is too spicy. Skip though doesn’t need much to go after a 17-year-old kid.

The FS veteran analyst recently went after a Bronny highlight of him dunking over a much bigger player which seemed to have impressed the Lakers star.

Bayless wasn’t as impressed. Or did he just want to get a LeBron Tweet out for the day?

It’s utterly ugly to go after a high school player for any mainstream media professional. But to do it when you are more than 4 times his age and a top sports media personality in the country is just disgraceful. Way to go Skip!

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