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“Bronny You Really Are on 1!”: LeBron James Celebrates as His Elder Son Breaks Out for a Mid-Game Flashy Dunk

Raahib Singh

"Bronny You Really Are on 1!": LeBron James Celebrates as His Elder Son Breaks Out for a Mid-Game Flashy Dunk

Being a famous person’s child is never easy. Now, if you want to go into the same field as them? That’s even tougher. No one knows it better than LeBron James’ elder son, Bronny. Ever since Bronny was just a little kid, there has been tremendous pressure on him to follow in his father’s footsteps.

Until last year, Bronny was heavily criticized and often called over-hyped for being unable to live up to expectations. However, all that changed last summer. Over the course of the last few months, Bronny has been popping off, to say the least.

Numerous stat lines and highlights show that LeBron James Jr. is ready for the big stages and is, in fact, deserving of a high ranking. He put on a show recently as well, which was shared by his proud father on his Instagram story.

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LeBron James takes it to Instagram to share Bronny’s incredible dunk

Earlier this week, LeBron James shared a video of his younger son, Bryce Maximus, catching a lob pass and dunking it. Guess his elder brother decided it was time to take back the spotlight. During their recent game, Bronny broke out for a between-the-legs dunk. What’s more impressive is that he did this during the game.


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This dunk, while done during warmups alone, is tough. To do it mid-game? I guess the James genes are really starting to kick in.

A proud LeBron James couldn’t help but share the clip on his Instagram story. He captioned it and said, “MAN WHAT!!!! You really are on 1 Bronny!”

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Where is Bronny headed after high school?

Bronny is in his senior year at Sierra Canyon High School currently. He’s a 4-star recruit, according to ESPN. So far, he’s received offers from the University of Kentucky, the University of Memphis, Ohio State, the University of Michigan, USC, and the University of Oregon.

Bronny hasn’t decided where he wants to take his talents to, and according to sources, it’s going to stay the same way till spring.

Whatever college he joins, the general idea is that he would opt out after the first year and enlist in the NBA Draft. His father’s life-long dream has been to play with his son in the NBA. That would mean Bronny applying for the 2024 NBA Draft.

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