Cover Image for Bryce Maximus had Bronny and Savannah in splits as he impersonated billionaire father LeBron James

Bryce Maximus had Bronny and Savannah in splits as he impersonated billionaire father LeBron James

Hemanth Amar
|Sun Jun 26 2022

Bryce James makes a hilarious impersonation of his father LeBron James that has the entire family laughing out loud.

The children of LeBron James are poised to follow in their father’s footsteps and seek professional basketball careers. This has been known for some time, especially as his eldest son, Bronny James, has grown up pursuing basketball

The King has expressed that he wants to play in the NBA with Bronny, and everything points to his making history when his firstborn is picked in a few years.

Bronny is held to high standards, but his younger brother has a greater ceiling than him.

Because of the nature of social media, fans have become aware of the children of NBA superstars. Bronny James has received a lot of media attention because of his basketball ability.

With his impression of his father, Bryce experienced his first taste of social media virality.

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Bryce James comes up with a hilarious impersonation of father LeBron James

While Bryce James did not garner the same kind of attention as Bronny, the 14-year-old is giving fans cause to pay notice.

After his performance at Sierra Canyon, the younger James has shown a lot of promise. Bryce’s excellent jump shot was complimented by some clever footwork while attacking the basket, and he displayed a variety of moves.

Savannah James marveled at her son Bryce’s imitation of LeBron James. The impersonation was so brilliant that his elder brother Bronny couldn’t keep it together in the video. Savannah said she was “in genuine tears.”

Bryce is clearly adept at mimicking his father and showcased his ability to entertain his family. LeBron James was away in the NBA bubble when Savannah James posted the video.

LeBron has been a great role model for his sons and they have set out to make him proud. Both sons are keen to pursue a career in the NBA.

Bryce is quite some time away from professional basketball, but he continues to learn and observe his father.

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