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Cameron Brink Describes ‘Out-of-Body-Experience’ with Kim Kardashian, Raves About North West

Satagni Sikder

Cameron Brink Describes ‘Out-of-Body-Experience’ with Kim Kardashian, Raves About North West

Cameron Brink has been at the forefront of the new movement that has charted the rise of women’s basketball in the past few years. The 2021 NCAA Champion was drafted second overall (after Caitlin Clark) in this year’s WNBA draft by the LA Sparks. Well, it seems Brink is enjoying her rapid rise to stardom and the perks of playing for an LA franchise. She recently described the amazing things she has experienced in Los Angeles so far, which included a blissful meeting with Kim Kardashian.

During an appearance on Paul George’s Podcast, Brink was asked about her recent solo feature on SLAM Magazine’s 250th edition cover. The WNBA star credited the opportunity to her ties with the LA market.


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After a brief discussion on the body image issues associated with modeling, especially for female basketball players, Paul George asked Brink about any other magazine photoshoot opportunities she might be interested in. The 22-year-old named the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition shoot before raving about her experience shooting for Kim Kardashian’s clothing brand SKIMS.

I just did SKIMS which was actually like a huge-I think I manifested that. And actually just met Kim [Kardashian] yesterday, which was just like an out-of-body experience,” Brink told George and his crew.

Like I even told her, ‘You’re even more beautiful in person.’ Like I met her daughter North [West], bestie Miss Westie, I love her. And my life right now, it’s just…I can’t even, it’s absurd. It’s just LA, the market, it’s unmatched,” she added.

It’s pretty clear that Brink wants to enjoy the glitz and glamor of LA while playing for the Sparks. She is excited about the opportunities Hollywood has to offer and thinks it’s actually empowering for a woman in sports to avail such opportunities.

The Sparks rookie’s advertising stint with SKIMS has brought her closer to Kim Kardashian and her daughter North. Brink would go on to describe the adorable moments she shared with her 10-year-old bestie, which included gifting her some shoes of her NBA legend godbrother, Stephen Curry.

North West is a big Steph Curry fan

While Brink was starstruck after meeting Kim Kardashian in flesh, she didn’t forget her daughter North’s love for Steph Curry. Later on, during the podcast, the Sparks star talked about receiving Kim and North in the locker room following her WNBA debut.

Brink seemed very excited about North’s love for basketball. She lamented the fact that most girls drop out of playing basketball at an early age while boys go on to play for much longer. She believed that this not only led to a depleted talent pool of female players, but also deprived many women from the benefits that hooping can provide, like character development and a healthy body.

However, Brink hopes that kids like North will be interested in basketball throughout their developing years. She gave the 10-year-old her godbrother’s shoes and her own jersey to make sure that she doesn’t lack any motivation to pursue basketball.

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