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Carmelo Anthony illegally lost $2 million and took the financial matter to court

Achyuth Jayagopal

Carmelo Anthony illegally lost $2 million and took the financial matter to court

Carmelo Anthony is currently a free agent at age 38.

However, the #3 draft pick from 2003 has been a feature of the league for well over 15 seasons. The offensive phenom has racked up superstardom and a tonne of points as a free-scoring wing.

Drafted by the Denver Nuggets, Carmelo Anthony was a standout from the day he touched NBA hardwood. The former Syracuse stud was NBA-ready and some. Melo’s jab steps and footwork soon became the talk of the town in Denver. The Mile-high city had itself a superstar.

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Melo spent the time until 2011 at Denver. A majority of Melo’s point tally came in Denver’s colors. Melo currently stands 9th in the all-time scoring list of the NBA.

However, all wasn’t smooth during his time with the Nuggets. Issues with his coach and playoff chokes aside, financially too, young Melo faced some struggles.

One issue that Carmelo faced involved a former staff of his too.

How did a former financial consultant loot Carmelo Anthony of his personal income?

With career earnings to the tune of around $262 million, Carmelo Anthony has made himself quite the fortune during his time in the league. However, Melo stood to lose around $2 million due to some shady work by an associate of his.

Larry W Harmon, Carmelo’s former financial consultant was sued by Melo and his entourage for embezzlement. Harmon allegedly transferred a sum of around $1.75 million to a firm associated with himself. This, in addition to a sum of $265,000 associated with other third parties.

Quite the scamster Harmon turned out to be. As a young athlete trying to find his feet in the league, such an incident ought to have bothered Melo.

Financial mismanagement has cost many NBA players their career earnings. Credit to Carmelo Anthony for identifying and rectifying a lapse.

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